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spacer Sales drive growth! And there's simply no faster or more effective way to increase sales than with this consistent, repeatable selling system!

Is "donut dropping" not bringing in work like it used to?

Are your salespeople out and "busy," but the phone doesn't ring?

Do your salespeople have a plan and process, or are they just "winging it"?

"The positive effect on my salesperson has been amazing and well worth the investment. He is energized, focused and delivering results like never before. I wouldn't even think of hiring a salesperson that I wouldn't have you train!"
Dave Sweet, President, Midwest Remediation

People buy from people. Even more, they buy from people they know, like and trust. That makes developing good relationships with people that can refer, hire or work with you the key to your success as a restorer.

Sales Mastery for Restorers shows you how.

It's a clear, repeatable system that lets you effortlessly break down the barriers to effective communication and create the kind of unbreakable referral and vendor/customer relationships that successful restoration businesses are built on.

No one else offers training like this designed exclusively for restoration salespeople!

It's not about tricks, techniques or secrets. It's cutting edge communications training designed specifically for restoration contractors. Packed with information reinforced with lowess role playing, after just two days your salespeople will both the tools and the skills to use them in the field the day they get back.

A Field-Proven System for Repeatable, Sustainable Sales Success
  • The only program designed specifically for restoration industry salespeople.

  • Teaches a plan, a process and a model to follow so you know exactly where in the process you are at all times to stay in control of the selling situation.

  • Includes ample time to practice with the system in lowess situations so you'll be able to put what you learn into action immediately.

  • Includes sales discussion guides, sales maps and a complete system manual to ensure proper implementation.

  • PLUS you get three free months of support and reinforcement conference calls to stay sharp and implement at the highest level!.

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